Keloids: Symptoms & Herbal Remedies for Keloids Treatment

After an injury heals, it frequently leaves a scar behind. Generally the scar happens at the place of the wound. It can heal naturally or medical interference can be required for recover the scar. Keloids are a form of scar that keeps on increasing, expanding beyond the site of the injury. It is marginally raised, pink or purple in shade and has a smooth surface.


What are the symptoms?

The Keloids symptoms look like raised, firm, hard scars. They produce bigger over time. Their colors different from slightly pink to very black.

Keloids might rub against your dresses and develop itchy, irritated, or sore. When exposed to the sun, they may turn blacker than the rest of your skin. The black color may stay.


Causes of keloids:

Researchers have not yet invented the right Keloids causes. It is believed that maybe abnormal cellular signs are responsible for increasing keloids. It has been experiential that kids and older adults are less likely to grow keloids. People of Asian, African, Hispanic and Italian origin are most susceptible to this skin disease.

Individuals with a family history of keloids can be vulnerable to this skin infection. Keloids might grow on the chest, back, jaw line, shoulder, and earlobes. Piercing the earlobes growths the risk of increase of keloids on the earlobes. Although, keloids generally grow at the place of a surgery or major injury, but slight injury, piercing and burns might also trigger their growth. Mild skin inflammations, such as acne, could even trigger keloids.


Remedies for keloids:

These unsightly scars might occasionally cause itching and soreness. Present treatments are not forever effective in recovering the scars. Certain Keloids herbal remedies have been originate to be effective in curing keloids. Applying apple cider vinegar on the scar repeatedly, four to five times daily, could support to decrease the scar and cure irritation. Crushed garlic or garlic oil might support to heal keloids. Keloid can be recovered by applying Tea Tree Oil on the scar.

Aloe Vera gel might also support to decrease the scar. Folk healers a few times recommend calendula oil for recover the scar. An effective keloid removal medicine can be prepared by crushing three aspirin tablets and adding slight water to make a smooth paste. Apply this aspirin tablet paste on the keloid scar 2 to 3 times a day, daily. Your scar will disappear slowly. Potassium iodide resolution can be applied on the scar 4 to 5 times a daily. This can support to cure keloids within some days.


How is it treated?

There is no guaranteed keloids treatment, but treatment a few times improves how they look and feel. It is mutual for keloids to develop back after recovery.

When trying to recover a keloid, your specialist may requirement to use more than one sort of treatment. Based on a keloid's size and place.