Costochondritis Treatment Natural Remedies

Costochondritis is also called chest pain. The condition is described by a sharp pain located at the chest just between the rib and the breast bone. This is because the pain is brought about by an inflammation in the cartilage that connects the two structures together. The junction in which the rib and breast bone meet is called the costosternal joint. The ribs commonly affected are between the 2nd and 5th rib. You will be able to pin-point the exact location of the pain, and you will examine tenderness when the area is pressed.

Causes of Costochondritis: The cause of costochondritis is not known, even though it is said to be an effect of an infection or as a complication after a surgical process that involves your sternum. It is usually experienced by children and adolescents and comprises about 10-30% of chest pain that children complain about. 650,000 yearly cases of chest pain are diagnosed by doctors among people aged 10-21 years old. It has been observed that the peak age is 12-14. It is also more common among females (70%) than on males (30%).

Still there are some factors that are believed to be costochondritis causes. These are:

  • Injury: those who have a history of injury at the chest, particularly around the sternum often have costochondritis.
  • Physical strain: overexertion such lifting heavy objects, pushing heavy pieces of furniture, and strenuous exercises have been identified as among costochondritis causes.
  • Upper respiratory disease: most people diagnosed with costochondritis often have heavy episodes of sneezing and coughing, which frequently triggers an attack of chest wall pain.



Natural Treatment for Costochondritis

Treatment of chest wall pain is generally directed also towards the costochondritis causes if possible. If not, a symptomatic approach is done, which means that the doctor is concerned with helping you reduce the pain and discomfort. Another Natural Treatment for Costochondritis that you can do is applying hot packs on the painful region. Apply them several times a day, particularly before doing any activity that will cause costochondritis.

Foods to Eat

This type of diet is full of foods that contain antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and necessary fatty acids.

Some of the better anti-inflammatory foods include:

  • Green leafy vegetables like spinach or kale
  • Healthy fats like chia seeds, flaxseed, coconut oil, and avocado
  • Bok choy or other Brassica vegetables like cabbage or broccoli
  • Nuts and seeds like walnuts or pumpkin seeds
  • Bone broth and other animal products like grass-fed meats and wild-caught fish
  • Berries like strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries
  • A variety of other colorful whole food choices such as celery, beets, noni fruit, and pineapple
  • Sulfur-containing foods like garlic and onions
  • Also, consume plenty of filtered water, smoothies, and freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices.
  • Anti-inflammatory spices and herbs like turmeric and ginger

Costochondritis Treatment Natural Remedies

Costochondritis Treatment Natural Remedies is aimed at giving anti-inflammatory medication to treat the basic disorder, control pain and tenderness, and also strengthen the costo-chondral joints, so as to avoid recurrence of this condition. Treatment is given in different stages, with control of pain and inflammation forming the first stage. This can be done with oral medication and supplemented by local application of medicines in the form of ointments, pastes, and medicated oils. Local application is usually followed by steam fomentation using herbal decoctions. The application of anti-inflammatory herbal pastes also provides long-term help from pain and tenderness.

  • Avoid any activities that get worse pain and give the inflammation a time to work out of your body.
  • Eat a diet high in natural anti-inflammatory omega-3’s including salmon, olive oil, flaxseed and avocado oil.
  • Eat fruits and veggies high in antioxidants; garlic, onion and strawberries are outstanding choices.
  • Costochondritis Natural Treatment use heat or ice on the area to help ease pain and inflammation.
  • Avoid refined flours and sugars.
  • Ginger, turmeric, and cayenne pepper can all be added to meals to help decrease inflammation naturally.
  • Nettle supplements can be taken to help decrease inflammation.
  • Burdock root is a natural pain reliever.
  • Aloe vera gel can be taken internally to help boost immunity and energy levels.

Natural Remedies for Costochondritis

It is not possible to prevent chest pain fully, but with the following steps you can avoid it for Natural Remedies for Costochondritis:

  • Avoid strenuous activities.
  • If the chest pain is due to muscle strain your child should avoid weight lifting.
  • You can put warm or cold pack on the sore area of your child to feel better.
  • Finally make sure your teen gets plenty of rest.
  • Strain caused by school bag can be reduced by carrying it on both the shoulders and not on one side.